Most comment enquiries:
 I want to keep breast milk frozen for long hours.
 Need to keep food frozen.
 I want to make a birthday party, wedding, short film impressive by visual effect

Various uses of dry ice

Breast Milk

We provide dry ice and containers to help you to keep the breast milk fresh. Carrying breast milk back to your country by plane could be easy and simple.


Keep your food frozen with dry ice for long hours. 

How to pack with dry ice


Put the frozen item first. Then place the dry ice on top so that the cold air will sink. Once the foam box is closed, do not open the box until use.


Dry ice and foam box will be delivered to you like this.

What shape is dry ice?

Each sliced dry ice is individually wrapped with paper or plastic film.

Quantity shown in this photo is 5kg.
The size of 1kg dry ice is about


standard order (5kg)

1 pack of 5 slices


PRICE: 2250yen (before tax)

※pick-up only for less than 5kg orders.

Add a container to your order

KC-9    inner:206x293x166(mm)

This box is up to 9L.
Comes with a shoulder strap.

HN-16   inner:400x330x245(mm)
This box is up to 16L.
no strap but reasonable price.


How do keep the dry ice until needed?
The dry ice is wrapped with plastic bag and paper when purchased, so simply keep as it is.
Foam box comes with the dry ice to keep it last longe. Large sized foam box can be purchased separately.
How long could the dry ice last?
It may vary depending on the situation (size, temparature etc)
A 2kg of dry ice will usually last for 24hrs if unused and left un-opened.
Please ask our staff for detail.
Is dry ice allowed in international flights?
Yes, it is. Please contact the airline companies in advance.
Can I specify the date and time of delivery?
Since we have regular customers, delivery area is limited but we will take priority for your request.
We open 7am to 5pm on weekdays.
Please ask our staff in advance.
Could my order be delivered to the hotel I am staying?
Generally yes; however, please contact the front desk staff in advance.
Do you accept visa, master card or american express?
Sorry we only accept cash (Japanese yen)


Company: Chuoreito Industries co.,ltd

TEL:         03-3516-3330

Email:  ice@chu-rei.co.jp

HP(日本語): 中央冷凍産業株式会社


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住所: 東京都中央区日本橋本石町4-3-15

Health & Safety

DO NOT touch with bare hands.
Handle with gloves.

DO NOT store in an airtight container.

Keep proper air ventilation where dry ice is stored. Allow adequate oxygen.

If it is transported inside a car or a van, make sure there is fresh air. Place the dry ice in the trunk or keep away from the driver's seat.

Delivery fee

No delivery fee around Ginza, Nihonbashi area. Please ask our staff more detail.

About orders

Customers will be contacted by phone/email once order is received. Please specify your preferred date and time of delivery. Payment will be collected when delivery arrives.

Exchange / Refund policy

Please be concerned that dry ice will be lost due to the property of sublimation. The size and weight of dry ice might be decreased (about 10%-20% less in usual condition) at the time of delivery.
Exchange or refund will be accepted only if orders and/or delivery are mistaken by us. Please contact us immediately when an incorrect order is discovered.
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